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Tim Yu

Julia Hawkins
Catering and Events Manager

Christian Leon
Executive Chef



food we feel good about

Our team at Loafe Catering is obsessed with the details. Whether it’s the source of our food or the cups in which we serve our coffee, every piece is considered and deliberate. You may not notice these details by themselves, but collectively these single details come together to make an experience that shines.

Our goal is not only to serve an exceptional product, but to create an exceptional experience both for the guests and the organizers of any event we are a part of. We know how much is on an event organizer's plate so we want to be the perfect partner for you to rely on. Regardless of the size, budget or complexity of the event, we’ll help provide a seamless and standout experience. Whether you’re booking a small working lunch, a seminar coffee break, a cocktail party or a sit down gala, we apply the same philosophy. 

We serve award winning, East Van roasted, Pallet coffee because it tastes way better. We serve it in china cups because again we believe that it tastes better and it’s better for the environment. We are committed to serving free-range chicken, BC organic grass-fed beef, and Ocean Wise seafood because it results in a product that we can be proud to serve. Despite our premium ingredients, we are still priced competitively and present a lot of value that is hard to find elsewhere.